Finance Logix® financial planning software is dedicated to provide its users with the highest standards of security. From the moment you sign onto our site all communication between our servers and your computer is encrypted using the financial industry standard RC4 256bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. (to ensure you are running under SSL verify that you see https:// in the address bar).

We enforce password strength policies and allow for secure retrieval of your user account details should you not remember your password.

Once you’ve signed into the system, and are running our application under SSL, all the data you enter is stored on a SQL Server running NT Authentication policies; this means that only authenticated registered users can access the data. Your personal and financial information is protected from prying eyes behind a firewall and can only be accessed through our interface, as the financial plans are stored as an encrypted string.

All communication between our integration partners and our servers is also encrypted using SSL and non-public web-services (non-public services respond only to inquiries coming from specific IPs addresses).

Finance Logix® also provides Data Aggregation, a service through which your financial data is collected from various institutions and consolidated within our software for planning purposes. This data is Non-Actionable! No transactions can be executed through Finance Logix®, so no one can gain access to your financial institutions though our system. Furthermore, when using data aggregation you will be asked to provide your login information to your financial institutions; Finance Logix® does not store any of your login information! Your access keys are stored with the Data Aggregation providers which adhere to the BITS Guidelines and adhere to the highest standards of security.



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