Finance Logix Release 3.9.0


We would like to thank our valued customers for their continued support and vital feedback, without which we would not be able to stay ahead of our competition on so many levels. We strive to improve our application with one goal in mind, to bring you features that mean something to your practice and that help you be a better advisor, help more clients, and grow your business.


Education Accounts Aggregation

We have changed the workflow for aggregating education accounts and the format of the Education Savings worksheet:

With the new workflow, you are now able to link three different types of Education Accounts:

  • Section 529 Plan

  • Education IRA

  • Taxable Savings

To link education accounts, simply go to the Education Savings worksheet and use the “Link to this Account” dropdown to choose an aggregated education account. This dropdown will filter the aggregated education accounts that are available to link for that account type.

Note: Education accounts will not be automatically linked after adding the institution in the Client Interview. The “Link to this account” dropdown will display “Not Linked” in the Education Savings Worksheet

While in the Education Savings worksheet, or the Other Resources worksheet, you can switch between Education Goals by using the dropdown without having to go to Student Data first.

Client Settings - Choose a Portal Start Page

We now allow the ability to specify which start page should be displayed the next time a client logs into their Client Portal:

You can choose from the following start page options:

  • Profile

  • Dashboard

  • Documents

  • Tasks

Additionally, you can specify if the entire profile should be marked as Complete or Incomplete.

Note: This functionality is only available for the New Client Portal.


Account Details features for aggregated accounts 

This page displays detailed information for liquid and investment accounts.

  1. Holdings Information: Displays the holdings for an account. Holdings/Allocations can only be edited for unlinked accounts.

  2. Linked Icon: A green icon indicates that this is a Cash Edge linked account. A grey icon indicates that the account is unlinked. Clicking on the grey icon opens the “Add New Account” popup which allows adding an institution for aggregation.

  3. Refresh Icon: Refreshes with new data for that account from the institution.

  4. Edit Icon: Opens the Edit account popup for this account.

  5. Transactions tab: Displays the transactions for that account. Transactions can be filtered by date range or Advanced Search may be used. Chart/Table toggle will change the view of the transactions section by displaying the list of transactions or the chart.

  6. Planning Tab: This tab is read-only as it does not allow user interaction. The planning tab displays the rate of returns for the account as well as the contribution amounts.

Account Details features for non-aggregated accounts 

  1. Edit Icon: Opens the Edit account popup for this account.

  2. Add New Holdings: Opens the “Add New Holdings” popup which allows the user to specify the various allocations for that account.

Add New Holdings Popup

This popup allows to enter holdings with data from Morningstar by entering the ticker or to manually specify the allocation.

  • To enter a holding, simply type in the ticker or company name and a search will be presented to narrow down the selection.

  • To allocate manually, select an allocation type and drag the arrow to designate the percentage.

Stock Options Details

This page displays detailed Stock Options information. The Edit button opens the edit account popup.

Note: Stock Option accounts cannot be added in Client Portal. Stock options can only be added in the Advisor Portal.

Assets Details, Liabilities Details and Insurance Details

These pages can be accessed by clicking on the account name in net worth page and the assets and Liabilities page:

These charts are interactive and will change the values on the right, while hovering over a specific year on the chart.

New Net Worth page

This page is accessible by clicking on the Net worth tile in the Dashboard

  1. Pie Charts: These charts are interactive. Clicking on a section of the chart will filter the accounts for that Asset or Liability type.

  2. Filter dropdowns: Allows filtering the account list by Asset or Liability type, Institution and Account Owner.

  3. Add a New Account: This button opens the Add New Account popup which allows to enter accounts manually or add Institutions for aggregation.

  4. Accounts List: Accounts will be grouped by Asset/Liability type. Clicking on the Account name, opens the Account Details page.

New “Add Account” workflow

The “Add Account” popup allows the user to add accounts by searching for available online institutions or by adding accounts manually. The Add a New Account popup can be accessed from the following places:

  • Assets and Liabilities

  • Net worth Page

  • Profile home page

  • Dashboard Net worth tile

  • Account Details for unlinked accounts

Adding an institution through data aggregation:

  • To add institutions for aggregation, simply type the name of the institution and click search or click on the icon for one of the popular finance institutions.

  • After searching for the institution, enter the login credentials in order to access the accounts that are available for aggregation.

  • On the next screen, click the edit icon to specify the account type, account owner and if the account should be active or hidden:

To add accounts manually, simply click on the “Add your account manually” link.

  • Account types will be grouped in tabs

  • Select the tab for the account type and enter the account information:

New Assets and Liabilities page

The new Assets and Liabilities page displays all accounts types:

  • Liquid Assets

  • Taxable Accounts

  • Tax advantaged accounts

  • Asset Accounts

  • Liabilities accounts

  • Stock Option Accounts

  • Insurance Accounts

Accounts will be grouped by institution. The Edit button will allow to quickly edit account information such as the Institution, account name and balance.

The delete icon will remove all the accounts under that institution.

Clicking on the account name opens the Account Details page in which more details are displayed or additional account information can be edited.

Note: Insurance Policies page is no longer available since Insurance policies are now included in the new assets and liabilities page.

New Education Goals page

The new education goals page allows to add students and goals within the same page.

  • To add a goal, simply select an existing student from the dropdown or add a new student and click on the “Add Goal” button:

  • Once the Goal is added, the available funding can be edited by choosing an aggregated education account or editing the education account manually.

  • To edit manually click on the edit icon next to the education account.

  • When aggregated education accounts are available for linking, the account will display as a dropdown.

  • Linked education accounts will display the linked icon .

  • To unlink education accounts, click the edit icon, then click the linked icon.